AMO is love, and love is the root of life.

Ignite your senses and live life with intensity and affection.
Our wine collection will awaken your dreams and passions-it will fuel your soul.
Celebrate and create moments that radiate the love of life with those you cherish.
Share your love and dare to feel what makes your heart beat.


AMO wines are the ultimate expression of the art of winemaking with both love and craftsmanship in the vineyard and cellar. Premium Vitis Vinifera grapes are tended in Niagara-on-the-Lake, using time honoured traditional methods, and handpicked from a single vineyard for each wine. The wines are then carefully crafted by winemaker Fred DiProfio before aging, and then packaged in beautifully detailed wine bottles. They are a true expression of our distinctive regional vineyards and are created for the love of wine.

Ignite your senses, and awaken your palate with our AMO Collection.


Love at first sight…wines that dance in your glass


Dare to feel the textures that adorn each handcrafted bottle


Enjoy life’s moments as the aromas take you away


Savour the wine and allow them to fill your mind, body and soul


The sound of what makes your heart beat